It’s been a while

So I haven’t written in a while just for the simple fact that I have been going through a lot of stuff. The last 3 weeks of my life I’ve had 2 losses in my family. One unexpected; the other expected … in a way… at least for a couple weeks.

I’ve been slowly moving on from my biggest loss. I am still trying to realize that I will only see her when she comes to me in my dreams. With practicing Wicca it’s helped a lot to be able to talk to her. I hope better things will come.

I haven’t been myself lately due to all of this. I’ve been keeping to myself and trying to get through things. I’ve been really sad lately and it sucks. I will be smudging my place this weekend to try to get the negative feelings out of my new home.

Maybe I need to just keep going through boxes and trying to get my place to a point to where it may help all the craziness going on in my head this month.  I need to get into a happy place. Maybe start working out.

I wish people wouldn’t put me in their drama that they create in their head. I’m too old for that shit. I have enough going on in my life with my family to deal with someone else’s issues. I’ve moved on; time that they do.

I have to find a new tattoo shop to start going to since I am apparently not welcome at the place I’ve been going due to an apprentice. I’ll just quit referring people to those artist and shop from now on. I’ve had a lot of people asking me about the shop I go to – so once I find a new place I will start referring people there I guess.

I’m not into mind games. Let alone people making problems in their own minds. I didn’t know trying to be friends with someone you talk to about personal issues was a bad thing. Fucking stupid.

I’ll write soon.
I’ve been pretty distant lately with a lot of my friends so I am sorry about that.