We must know where to stand in someone’s life, otherwise, we might be giving the best of ourselves but receive the worst.

You have to be willing to be happy about nothing.

Well I actually made it to my bed last night without falling asleep on the couch! I had a close call but I snapped out of it and got into bed just in time. lol.

I’ve been having some major issues with actually getting into bed lately. I am just so tired I just happen to pass out and not realize it. Bleh. At least I know I am getting sleep!

Friends… It’s like I have to go see them otherwise I just don’t get to see them at all. Maybe I just need to back up for a while and see who really cares if I’m not around; then I will at least know who I should keep in my life.

I’ve been starting to enjoy this new video game, I just wish it was online. I waste so much time playing it. I will have to find more games that allow more than one character since playing games isn’t as fun without friends. I need to spend a day at GameStop. 😀

I really hope my friends are doing alright helping rebuild Victoria and clean up the mess the storm made. As of right now I know they still don’t have power but they at least got their water working again. No more stank in the house. 😉

I forgot how expensive some new bedding costs! I am going to have to shop around and see if I can find something I like. Maybe run up to Tuesday Morning and see what they have there. I love the things you can find there. Random and great.

I think I am wanting to buy myself some new jewelry to go with my fresh start so that I can wear, I am not sure what I want yet but I will be getting a new ring and maybe some earrings. I just have to find my perfect match.

It feels so good to finally be happy again. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to smile every day. Since I kicked moms family out of my life, besides my Mimi and my twin, things have been so fucking perfect for me. No more drama. Deleted all of them from Facebook, even my twin so that they can only read how much better my life if without them. The more people I let go; the happier I get.

Now I just need to see who my real friends are at this point in my life; make sure they aren’t using me.