Life is good <3

I am a very happy person at the moment. Not only do I have fantastic friends but I have this guy I’m completely into. After the last fight with the ex and I finally took down all of his pictures I now see there is light outside of the darkness.

I am ready for the next phase in my life. Maybe the next man I end up with will actually take me seriously. Listen to my feelings when I am depressed instead of setting them aside for years for his own good.

I was able to get my knee tattoo last weekend. It looks beautiful. I love looking at it. I will have to start wearing shorts and skirts more!! Below are her free hand sketching the tattoo on my skin; second video she is tattooing me. I love her so much.

So for my final touches for my new apartment I want a new comforter set, or actually just a comforter since I’ve bought two new sheet sets and I am just waiting for those to come in.  Something the dogs can’t fuck up too bad but isn’t too heavy since I get very hot when I sleep. I will be looking for something to put in my Walmart “New Apartment” list. I’m just glad I actually was able to buy most of what I actually wanted.

I will really have to look for something I want for my bedding, something the dogs cant get too messed up or at least where you can’t see it. HAHA.

Anyway this weekend was pretty fantastic, spent Friday alone at the house talking to that one person who puts a smile on my face when I just think of you. Saturday I literally slept all day long until it was time to go get my tattoo at 8PM.  However I did leave the house for about 35 minutes to get my deposit for my new apartment so at least all of that has been completed and I know for a fact I get to move out of the ghetto.

By the time I move at the end of september I think the weather will be so fantastic that I will be able to use my patio set more often than I use these shitty ass chairs my mother gave me. But at least I am moving up and out; literally.

I hope my raise hits with this next paycheck, if not then fingers crossed for the next month. I really needed the raise even if it wasn’t much monthly. Where I am moving my rent will be going up a bit so I am a little nervous but I think I know how to start eating on a budget, minus my Hershey’s Nuggets, Gushers and Fruit by the Foot obsessions.

I am so ready to go home and just be able to relax, talk to YOU.

I just got handed more work so I better get back to it before 5pm.