Out with the old & in with the new!!

“When you’re single, your weekend days are wide-open vistas that extend in every direction; in a relationship, they’re like the sky over Manhattan: punctured, hemmed in, compressed.” 
― Adelle WaldmanThe Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

This past weekend was very eventful. Saturday I went up to the tattoo shop twice that day. Once just to hang with my friends, the second time for my friend to get some work done. He was able to meet all my friends and hit on them. lol. They ended up telling each other and now the girls don’t want to talk to him. Geesh, they work together.

Zach came into town and we got to hang out for a while Friday and Saturday. He came to the shop Saturday night since we were up there forever. He got to meet everyone. He’s wanting to get a tattoo up at the shop as well now. I wish he was able to stay a little longer but he had to get back to work. We weren’t able to get to the dessert shop so I will have to take him next time he comes to town. Maybe Jack will come next time too.  He mentioned maybe setting up a trip to Vegas coming up. I may need that type of break…. 🙂

Moving next month has really put me into a good mood. I am getting rid of a lot of stuff that I don’t need and that reminds me of North Carolina and being there. A lot of my new furniture has made it in, we are stacking all of my new things up in dad’s garage so that we don’t have to move them twice, but I told him it would be the same if we dropped it off at my place! He didn’t understand it. Either way, things are moving along.

I keep forgetting to get tape for my boxes so I can really start to pack. Luckily AmazonFresh has some packing tape! I am so ready for a fresh start. New me, new place, and not depressed. What more could I ask for?!

Dad’s birthday is next week. We are probably having his party Sunday afternoon. It should be nice. I love going over there and spending time with that side of the family. They are just so much fun. Always willing to help. I love them. Last night’s dinner at the grandparents house was fantastic. Dad’s side, grandparents, and aunts side with her children.   Chicken spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and homemade pie and ice cream. Yum!

I am starting to get stressed out about my tattoo this weekend, I think this one is going to hurt the most. I am still doing it but man, the anticipation to see how much different it is from other parts of my leg. It can’t be as bad at the back of my knee could it?! However i am crazy excited for my tap out tattoo session. I hope we can get the whole Sailor Scout team on me by the end of the day. 😉

I’ve been thinking about buying myself a small shade tree to start growing so when I buy a home it may be close to planting into the ground. Then again I am also looking into growing an avocado tree so that I may possibly have one when I need it! lol. I want to try to get a green thumb. I’ve always been horrible with plants. I need to try to turn that around if I want to build a garden one day.

When I move I do want to start a herb garden outside so that I don’t have to buy from the store anymore. I will have to find a little herb wall or something to see how many herbs I can plant.

I am so happy my life is doing so much better. I have no more hate in my heart, I’ve let it go and I am ready to move on with this, what the point. You put the hate in my heart – you’re out. Unless someone can give a sincere apology then it just doesn’t matter any more ya know? I at least own up to my mistakes and tell people I’m sorry and mean it now days. Do you know how long it took me to be able to tell someone I was actually sorry?! Like 20 years of my life.

My doctor is at Jury Duty today so I can only imagine how stressed I will be when he actually shows up this afternoon with all of the cases we got in today! At least after my nap I will have enough to do to keep me occupied until the end of the day.

One last side note; I miss you. Yes – YOU. 😛

Have a wonderful Monday.
I will update again sometime this week.

I will be live streaming my knee cap tattoo on my YouTube account or something. I will keep you posted.
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