Updates and tattoos!

So I woke up today feeling great! Last night I was hanging out at the tattoo shop with my friends, we ordered dinner and hung out for a while, it was good seeing them. It had been ALL week! lol

Yesterday a guy that works at Clemmons Hospital was dropping off some slides like he does on random occasions and he reminded me that he owed me a coffee for helping him find his ID badge. So instead today we have decided to get some lunch together and get to know each other better.

While at the tattoo shop last night I was able to talk to Krista about my tattoo I’m getting next weekend and also schedule my “tap out” appointment! September 9th. I will be getting more work done on my Sailor Moon Leg! All the girls will soon be laid out with their leader. HAHAHA. 😀

This weekend one of my best friends Zach is coming into town. I wish Jack was going to make it as well but his mom is having some health issues. Either way it should be a fantastic weekend with old friends! Saturday I am taking my friend Tim up to the tattoo shop to get some work done. I was able to see him Wednesday when he was in town from Denton, so after work Saturday he is coming over so we can head to the tattoo shop.

Sunday I will be going over to my dad’s house for a little while, I will need him to help me pick up some stuff from Walmart and bring to my house.  All of my new furniture is starting to arrive so I can get rid a lot of the other stuff I don’t need anymore. I will still need to figure out of Brian is needing his box spring and bed frame back or not. He said no first then I told him I bought a new frame now he says maybe. I will need a forsure answer soon. I cannot wait to setup my new bed!! It’s so cute! My patio furniture will be in this weekend but I won’t set that up until I actually move into my new place, same with my dining room table set. That will be fantastic. It’s all going to be coming together very well.

I am starting to be happy again, and that makes me even happier. Such a weird feeling. It’s been years!