Getting out of the darkness.

Back to work I go. After being off work the past 2 weeks I really don’t want to be here but at least I am out of the house for a while so that is a plus. 🙂 I think I am going to start my own meetups group and see if anyone is interested in joining. We will see. All of the events on the pages I liked are… eh. I will find some new friends. I had only 1 friend for the past 3 years that had been my friend for 5 years, and I let that go so ya. Loneliness is kicking in finally. I needed that time to myself though. Space is good.

I will be trying to find an apartment this week. Looks like I may have to swipe my credit card in my Square App so that I can have some money for a deposit on a place so I can move in. But at least I have that option I guess. I tried looking into a complex I lived in with an ex when I was 17, they turned me down telling me I make too much money to live there. WTF. I can’t pay my bills and you’re telling me I make too much? Fuckkk that.  Looks like it’s going back to the original apartment complex off Jupiter. I will go this weekend and see what they have to say.  I feel like it’s a never ending battle when it comes to renting places. That’s why I wanted to buy a fucking house! I need a realtor who will show homes late at night and not just on a weekend. Now it’s too late but maybe next year.

I actually have plans this weekend, on a Friday no less! A friend at work wants to meet up. They work at our Cancer Center so we met while I was picking up and dropping off slides a few months ago, but finally decided to hang out outside of work for once. We will see how this goes. I have to put myself in uncomfortable situations. Social anxiety is getting better but it’s not gone just yet. I wonder if anything else will pop up!

For all the stress I’ve been going through today I would have to say I am handling it very well. My chest did end up tight by the end of the day but at least I know how to move on from the situation and try to find the positive.

I am about to head home from work.
That’s all today.