I can tell that I have been using some of my coping skills to deal with my day to day thoughts. I now see myself stopping and thinking why am I worried about that. I don’t bite my tongue, I just am able to deal with my anxiety in a new way. Most of the time my chest is still tight but I am able to be ok with things a little better. 

I finally did laundry today.  I think I put it off for the last 2 weeks. Lol. I have been getting a little bit lonely lately. I am looking to be able to do events and things on my own.  I got on Meetups so hopefully something I would consider fun will pop up. Fingers are crossed. 

I honestly want to be able to find a female or a group of females who are adventurous with food, life, and want adventures. I am still not wanting to date anyone but I at least need to try to make some friends.  I’m no where near as confident as I used to be, but maybe one day I’ll get back there. 

I’ve been enjoying practicing tarot and palm reading. I can’t wait until I get good at it.  Its fun being able to learn something that I’m actually interested in. Its been nice.

I’ve been going crazy the past couple of weeks sitting at home, but I needed the break. I’ve been actually cooking for myself and having left overs. Still broke as fuck, but I will let myself splurge on a meal still. Food is my weakness. 

Sirius xm radio is pretty rad. I’ve been enjoying it lately. All of my FMLA was approved so go me. Really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow but at least I won’t be sleeping all day at home. 

Bleh.  Time for movies and shit. I actually have to go to bed tonight. Lol