Any place is a palace if your heart decides so.

So since my place of peace is being invaded by my ex’s army I can’t really be myself anymore. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like me anymore. You would have done what I did if you were always hearing empty promises for over a year or “just wait a few more months and I’ll move back with you”. FUCK OFF.  That is why I have quit writing so often.

Taking my safe spot away from me. Where I can spill my heart out and learn from what I’m writing. Learn what’s really in my heart and head. I am finding myself again and that’s ok. I got lost in a autopilot relationship where it was all one sided. Plain and simple. I hope once he finds himself that we can try to be friends. I never wanted to be without him but you know what; at that point in my life that was the best decision I’ve made. I’ve always stuck through relationships when I was miserable, it’s my time to work on myself so get off my back.

Still not dating anyone. Just wanting to spend time with friends lately. I am just not interested in a relationship at this point. Afterall, I did tell the ex that I expected a ring if I moved so far away, but that was supposed to be done there. No wonder I left. Couldn’t even surprise me with a engagement. But then again he doesn’t do surprises.

So we are looking into getting a different apartment this weekend. Might even be a 3 bedroom. Who knows. I am very excited to be getting some roommates. I miss having someone around; but I do not miss sharing a bed with anyone.

This weekend will be fantastic. Not only am I off Monday and Tuesday I get to see a friend this weekend who lives out of town, and get to hang with the staff at the tattoo shop, not actually in the shop for once. All of us. Ahh. I’m excited.

I think I may deactivate my Facebook account and only use my Instagram instead. No words, just pictures.

There is an artist that I really like lately. K.Flay. Reminds me of Fiona Apple a little bit. I like it!  I am excited that I get a few extra days off work next week. Days to relax and play video games. Sounds good to me!

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