Father’s Day Weekend.

So my doctor is out of the office today so I literally have nothing to do but sit around and play on the internet. So some info –

So my plans for the weekend so far –

Friday night – I will be meeting up with a friend, swinging by my step dad’s house to pick up some packages that should be dropped off by this evening. It’s nothing exciting really – a new book called “Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience”, leave in conditioner since the one I use is so hard to find now days, and some dry shampoo. Woo. lol. I need to get back into my reading so I can leave reality from time to time.

A little later Friday night my friend and I are going to the tattoo shop to play some cards and hang out for a while since they are open so late tonight. 🙂 It should be so much fun.

Saturday morning – I am going to go apartment searching since I only see 2 houses every 3+ weeks. I will never find anything if I don’t have someone who can look at homes at night on weekdays and not just weekends. No wonder why I’m so stressed out about finding a place now. Only 2 1/2 months to go. So much for looking for so long. I should just take the realtor class so I can go look around myself whenever I want to. I mean shit – it’s like the only way to get it done.

Saturday night there is a birthday party I may possibly go to. We will see. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them I do want to go but do I want to show up alone? We will see.

Saturday may end up being a lazy day after apartment hunting. Chinese, video games, and Anime. Sounds fun to me.  Maybe I will turn on my Uber and Lyft app and see if I get any bites. I need to get some self defense items though; just in case.

I have been debating on reinstalling my dash cam in my new car. I mean why not. Just take the camera out at night or lock it up in the glove box. You just never know when you may need it or not.

Sunday it looks like I am going to my dad’s house for Father’s Day, and will be able to do my laundry. So thats a plus.  I”m sure it will be hot enough to get in the pool, so maybe pool party? Hope so!

I will probably stop on the way home to see my step dad to wish him a happy Father’s Day as well and maybe just hang with him for a little while before I go home – depending on what time it ends up being.

My mother and I are still not talking, which is fine; until she is able to apologize – I don’t need her in my life. Her and my step dad treat my sisters and little brother AND HIS WIFE (which the married teenagers live with my parents.) Talk about taking advantage of your parents!!!! I just feel as if I am still the least liked and it’s fucked up that they make me feel that way all the time. They try to say that they don’t treat us different but they do. So enjoy seeing me for maybe 10 minutes every week without being spoken to, because that’s all you will get out of me until I get an “I’m sorry” out of her mouth.  Is it pride?…  No, she’s just a bitch that does nothing wrong.

I really hate how the people who say they love me don’t take my feelings into account. Why do you think I’m single now days?!!!

It’s really sad when you don’t feel like you belong to your family anymore. Luckily my dad’s side took me in, see what’s actually been going on and see how messed up it is.

Anywho – I am going to play online until 5PM since I have nothing to do.

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