Halfway there.

Good thing – the weekend is around the corner finally.

Quick update on physical therapy. I am doing better, all I have to do is strength training now to get some of my strength back! So some time within the next month or two I think I may be released, then once I am we get to sue USAA and their client for the wreck they caused! 🙂

I hope I get a decent settlement out all of this bullshit. USAA trying to pin 30% on me when it was 100% their clients fault. BITCH please if you don’t think I’m fighting this. I had the COMPLETE right away!!! You can try to take care of your customers; but now I’m coming after you assholes. 😀

Good news, yesterday on my way to physical therapy my dad called me and apologized for insulting me last week. Now where is the apology from my mother? Probably will never happen.

There is a great chance that I will actually download the Friday the 13th video game tonight to see how it is. Maybe the bigfoot one too! lmao.

Get at me later.
Heading home from work.

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