Tough times don’t last but tough people do. So fuck your past, but don’t let it fuck you.

Short busy weekend!

Friday night I passed out early; woke up around midnight and had Jade and Monica over, then went to see them on Sunday at the shop. I love them. 🙂 So glad to finally have some chill ass chicks to hang out with.

Saturday I slept most of the day, stopped at a vapor shop that I thought Monica worked at since she said near Sunnyvale; turns out it was the Garland location. lol. Damnit!  But I got me one. Figure I’d try to quit smoking.. Why not right?! Got me a pretty purple one with juice called PMS. Yummm.

Sunday I spent time with my family. Did a lot of laundry and just relaxed with everyone.
I was able to play some more Samsung Gear VR while hanging out. Zombie rooms and roller coasters. lol. I finally got my real plates for my new car so I got those put on Sunday along with the registration tag. Now I just need to get my kayak mount, mounted onto my roof rack.

I did end up at the tattoo shop last night like most Sunday nights. 😉 I just have to see my friends. Jade has been doing FANTASTIC work with her piercings. I am so proud of her. She has her own little room, has learned so much within the past 2 or 3 weeks she’s worked there! So much more than the last shop she was at. I am so so proud of her. Maybe I will let her do the “Smiley” piercing on me. Debating since that one is at least covered up a little.

I really want to buy a trucker hat from Infinity 13 so I can represent them when I go out. I will soon. They do such good work there, my friends really need to go to them to get work done. I need to get some pieces done on myself as well from there. Maybe we can do more of my thigh so I can start covering that first then move on to the bottom of my leg. I want a tattoo from everyone in that shop.


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