I have really been debating on just buying a townhome or something similar, I will probably be on the app again tonight looking around for homes to buy. But if I was to get a townhome I could fix it up a little before I moved in. Any way – just something else I am going to spend money on this year. I have to get out of where I am now, it’s getting dangerous. I really would just like a yard at least though. My dogs need a yard.

So over the weekend I was very excited to go swimming but this weekend’s weather ended up being complete shit. Hoping for a warmer weather next weekend. I would like to go kayaking or go get some go karting in or paintballing? Something.   I also need to start watching my Sailor Moon DVD’s again during the week.

I have really been wanting to get in the pool lately. This crazy ass weather though! WTF.
I just want to be in the water as much as possible this summer. I am glad I have a blow up kayak but I do want a real one once I buy myself a home.

Hoping for some nice places to pop up in the summer, I guess we will see.  I will just have to keep searching and checking out places.  ❤ I am keeping my hopes up though!

I need more things to do on weekends now days. At least I have a pool at dad’s house and they enjoy drinking so that’s always a plus.  Ready for busy days and sleepless nights. Welcome summer.

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