Summer is here.
I am so very excited to be able to get out into the sun, take trips, and spend time with my friends. A carefree summer this year. I haven’t don’t SHIT over the summer in 3 years. I am pretty happy to see what will end up happening this year.

I am hoping to find my adrenaline junkie so we can have some real adventures!! 🙂
I am going and looking at a home tonight in Mesquite. I hope it looks good in person as it does online. I think I just like the fireplace area the most. lol. ❤

I just want a yard for my dogs and a home for myself. We will see if I end up with roommates or not. Would be close to the tattoo shop and not too far out to be out in “the grove”.   I really just need to get out of my apartments since they are getting worse and worse as each day passes.

This weekend there was someone who broke out a window of someone’s car, threw a kid into a wall, and someone pulled out a handgun while all of this was happening Saturday night! WTF. I don’t like to leave the apartment after the sun goes down any more. Plus on top of them leaving me out in the cold two weekends ago, maybe 3 now, when I got locked out of my apartment with no jacket, shoes, pants…. etc. Geesh.

Things will start getting better eventually. No matter how much bad shit has happened to me this year I will not let it get me down. It’s just like I can’t win but I am trying my hardest. I will probably never be well off but I will at least make it by.


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