Moving on.

Well I am taking off work for a week in July so that I can just have a nice week out by the pool at my dad’s house.  I’m pretty excited, it should be nice and hot and the pool will be perfect. 🙂

Or maybe I will see if I can actually go out of town that weekend. That would be nice.
I just need a real break. Slowly I’ve been able to let go of the hurt and pain I’ve been in the past 2+ years. It’s starting to feel good to be able to start being happy again for once in so long. I’ve been waiting for a long time to feel like the weight of the world that has been sitting on my shoulders for so long has slowly been lifting and I cannot explain how good it feels.

The more and more I think about my recent relationship, I just get more and more upset. How does someone not see the pain and hurt within someone and not do anything for so many years? How can someone be so selfish that they only think of theirself and their career and not about the person who they “love” so much? I guess men really do think women should be in second place when it comes to life in general. I’m just still so upset. Maybe I expect too much from people I love.

Why does it take something so depressing and sad to get someone to see what they’ve done to someone else? And honestly, I still think he is pretty clueless of the way he has made me feel which is a red flag.

I will be done talking about him from now on. I just can’t. People bring him up every time I see them. It makes my heart hurt every time because I get so mad at him all over again. I don’t want to be mad when I think about him. He’s not a bad human being…. I will always love him, but I can’t be with someone who wants the best for them but not for me.

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