Can’t catch a break!!

So last night Daisy locked me out of the house, both deadbolts, I had no keys, no shoes, no pants, no jacket. It was FUCKING COLD last night. Luckily Jade would not leave my side all night. ❤ I love her so much. So another $150 later I get in the house after I have to call a locksmith since my stupid fucking apartment complex never answers their EMERGENCY LINE at night or on weekends. Like WHY THE FUCK HAVE THE OPTION FOR IT!! Fuck.

It seems that nothing is going right, again. 😦 I still can’t catch a break from life so I have decided to take a trip by myself to Oklahoma this weekend for a night. Dogs are set up at a new pet sitters house since their normal one will be out of town. The new one is cheaper and doesn’t charge per pet which is nice.

At least I will get a weekend to myself and be able to catch my breath for once. Oh it’s so nice to become myself again.

I am still pretty broken up about everything that happened but to be 100% I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I am not 100% happy still but I am working on it. No one is here to hold me back anymore.

I am going to start doing my Uber and Lyft thing after I get back in town this weekend to see if I can make some extra cash.

Also, I’ve found my soulmate. She’s fantastic. Too bad we both like the “D”.  haha

PS4 Username – WhittyDittie

A weekend of me  ->

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