Nothing but hell this week.

So this week has been nothing but hell for me.

Monday evening after work I had gotten into a wreck, a lady pulled out into oncoming traffic without looking and pulled out maybe a cars length in front of me and I had to slam on my brakes but still hit the dumbass.

Turns out her husband was the cop on the scences boss’s boss so she DIDN’T get a ticket for failing to yield which is complete bullshit.

Now I have an attorney taking care of my case now so that’s all I want to really say at this point. Man did that piss me off though. Why would you allow someone to wave you through an intersection without looking for yourself. How stupid can you be?! Fucking lady.

Rich people really piss me off. Now I have to wait to hear about my car probably being totalled because of this CUNT.  I am going to have to get a new car, probably an old hoopty now since I was still paying on my car. Cunt.

Just waiting around for a good settlement from this stupid fucking cunt’s insurance.

Here is the stupid CUNT’s car.

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