It’s really hard to be able to write about my day or just myself when I don’t really do anything at the moment. I need to start getting out! At least its warming up and pool time is coming as well as more kayaking and paddle boarding.

Fan Expo Dallas is coming next weekend. I am debating on dressing up to go to this one just because I’ve been to so many but never made it into the full experience.

I had a nice weekend, got to see an old friend I haven’t seen in years. Got to catch up a bit but time sure does fly when you just don’t want to leave. I hope to see you again soon.

I’ve been so tired lately I don’t know what to do, this time change thing is still messing me up. I want to sleep an hour later still. Today I was finally not late to work! Score.

Work announced my 1 year anniversary of being here. It just reminds me of how unimportant I am that it’s taken this long for my boyfriend to move back home. If he really wanted to be here he would have been. He says it wasn’t the right time in his life to move back. Then why am I still waiting? He has until June 1st to have set plans on getting home or I guess we will be taking a break around our 5 year anniversary. It just doesn’t really phase me anymore.  I need someone to support me not try to always tell me I am wrong with any decision I make. I need love when we talk not someone wanting to be my father.

As you can tell I am a bit bitter.
Here’s what you should look for in a significant other, based on your zodiac sign

Capricorn – Though you may have a pessimistic view of your love life, that shouldn’t stop you from getting out there and finding someone who brings out the best in you. To put it simply, that someone seriously needs to have their shit together. You don’t have time for a slacker who doesn’t value the two Rs: Responsibility and reliability. In addition, due to your ambition, you aren’t going to fall head-over-heels for just anyone. That’s why they need to have a certain consistency to them, so you can rely on them in the long-run and know that they aren’t going to take your love for granted.

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