Come on Spring!

So this year Spring starts on Monday, March 20, 2017. Only a few more days and then we should be getting some nice weather!  Then I will actually be able to get out of the house and get out doors with my dogs, get on the lake, party on patios a little bit as well. You know, just because the weather wont stay great forever. When summer rolls around in Texas is way to hot for me, but I still get out of the house either way I’m just a little more miserable in the summer unless I’m practically naked to make it through heat strokes. LMAO!

So I got a call from my dad this afternoon asking me if I knew of any places that would let my 17 year old little sisters get a small tattoo. I’ve tried to explain to him and his wife more than once that tattooing minors is illegal. I guess they will have to drive all the way to Amarillo to try to see if they can get a tattoo from the place their minor friends did as well.  I told him I would be expecting my plane ticket to Paris since that was the only thing I asked for in High School but he turned me down…. and the tickets were a discount because of the group.

I’m a little upset that he has given up all of his morals and rules for his new family. Is he scared he will lose them if he doesn’t give in? Shit. What the F ever.

I think I am dropping out of school because I’ve just become so depressed I just cant do it. I was so good in school now its like I just don’t want to learn. So much for this past semester.

I am very happy however that I was able to hang out with Jade at Six Flags Over Texas. I love her, she’s almost like a mini me. Shes just too cute and we have to much in common for being 10 years apart but I’m OK with that as long as she is! 🙂 I have been looking for a new bestie for a while now and shes just so much fun!

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