So as some of you know I actively practice Wiccan/Paganism.

Malachite in witchipedia is defined as

Healing and Magickal Uses of Malachite

Body: Malachite increases physical energy, encourages cell regeneration and clears and activates the chakras. It is worn to reduce swelling in joints, aids sleep, enhance the immune system, reduce acid levels in the body, combat dyslexia and aid the circulatory system. It can also be used to ease migraines and protect against pollution, noise and electro-magnetic emissions. Malachite should not be used to make elixirs because of its high copper content.

Mind: Malachite induces feelings of sympathy, empathy and compassion for others, cleanses the aura, helps remove spiritual blocks. Gazing into a malachite stone is said to calm emotions and encourage harmony and patience. It also opens up the mind to receive knowledge.

Magick: Malachite is a protective stone said to warn the wearer of impeding danger by breaking. It can be used in all sorts of protection magick especially while traveling. A malachite amulet engraved with a rayed sun is said to increase the powers of the magus using it. Malachite may also be used in prosperity magic and to ward against nightmares. Malachite can be attached to a child’s bed or cradle to ward off illness and other dangers or hung in a nursery window to prevent negative energies from entering the room.

I can’t wait for you to meet. ❤

3 thoughts on “Occult

  1. Hello thanks to follow me.
    My name is Julie I am French Wiccan and I wish you à good visit on my blog. )O(

    Goddess bless you


      1. Hi you can go read my news posts about Juno, Bastet, Hecate 🌙 if you want, of course ^^
        I hope wordpress traduced my blog automatically for you because I write in French :3
        Good night 🌙 be blessed


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