M.I.A. – defeated

Alright so for almost a month now I have been having the worst luck possible….

  1. Car brakes went out and got new ones
  2. ABS sensor went out so I had to take it back to the shop the week after I got the new brakes because I needed another set of front brakes after the caliper seized, so new rotor and brakes again plus the sensor now.
  3. Been having to borrow cars the past almost week now, its nice that my dads side of the family tries to help me out any way they can.
  4. Bitch at work took it upon herself to try to bitch me out for being a little late for car issues. Makes me want to punch her in the throat and watch her fall to the floor gasping for breath.
  5. I’ve had anxiety for the past 3 weeks that wont go away. I can’t breath, my chest is tight, and I am completely miserable.
  6. A friend died in a horrible accident on Friday afternoon.
  7. Dog ended up having a staph infection after all of his other problems started to clear up.
  8. My dog ^ needs a tooth pulled to prevent another infection.

I just feel defeated and sad most days now. Not to mention my math class is kicking my ass, I just need to pay someone to take the 5 tests for me and make a 80 or over.

I am at such a low point that I don’t know how to get out of this funk. It’s kinda scary.

Well I guess that’s all for now…


One thought on “M.I.A. – defeated

  1. Just one step at a time, love. We need to find you some small “wins”, and eventually they will all stack up and you will be crushing life, rather than feeling crushed by it. Your family, friends, and I are here for you. Let’s take these challenges head-on. Mwah! :O)


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