The Week so far –

So class started on Monday, I took a few pretests, did pretty well in math, decent in Talent Leadership. The teacher for my Talent Leadership class told me I needed to explain my answers more; bitch I just gave you a 6 sentence paragraph!

I am in need of some Six Flags, Zero Gravity, Celebration Station. I need some type of fun in my life. I just need to find adventurous friends who aren’t stuck up some guy or gals ass!

It is starting to get harder to sleep on my right side now that my tattoo is starting to peel, I still do but its kinda rough moving around trying to sleep. Totally worth it though…

Today I have been feeling very anxious, and unable to really swallow. Like I have a lump in my throat, stomach hurts. Bleh.

Hopefully this weekend ends up being a decent one. Will probably just lay around and do a bunch of nothing like normal though. I need to try to find ways to get people to donate to the Melanoma cause, its close to home not just because I work in dermatology.


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