Updates –

While I have a little time on my hands I figured that I would try to write a little since I haven’t exactly made the time to post everyday.

So, class starts on Monday! I can’t wait to see what is in store for me. 🙂  I may have to pay someone to do my math class for me, I’ve heard of some stories where people quit going when they got put into the math class. DunDunDun.

Also, after work I have to make a detour to the vet to pick up Yoshi’s medications for his seizures. Who knows how much that will cost. Bleh. Had to get some new brakes already this week, aka yesterday!

I’ve been wanting to take my dogs to White Rock Lake where I went kayaking because there is a roped off spot for the dogs to get in the lake and have a good time as well. I think I could get Daisy to get in the water after she saw all the others jumping in, Yoshi on the other hand would be sitting right beside me. lol

I am currently looking for someone to go with me to Celebration Station since I have these great coupons.

I think I want to wake up and go to the laundry mat in the morning since it is a lot quicker there and I just throw everything in one washer. lol. We will see though. It gives me a reason to be with my family if I go to their house.

I need some weekend plans. I was going to go look at a home for sale but saw that it was a duplex with only a 2 car carport. I told my realtor house, garage, yard, fence. I’m not that picky but a carport wont protect your shit when someone wants to pop out a window to see if there is anything good in there… My mom said someone broke into her car and since shes like me and doesn’t leave anything in her car they got upset took the napkins out of the glove box and set them on fire inside her car, but when they closed the door it helped put the fire out so no major damage was done.

Anywho – few more hours til the weekend. Lunch break = Nap time. 🙂 Holla!


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