Registered for class!

Ok, so I am doing a fast paced program to get through school.
Each term is $750 per 8 weeks.
If I get classes done before that 8 weeks I can add on more classes for no extra fees. Plus books are provided as well. 🙂

First two classes:
Math (I hate math.)
Talent Leadership – This competency course explores the different roles that the HR department plays in organizations and the skills needed to accomplish day-to-day activities of HR personnel.

I’m getting pretty excited.

I got my tax return back, now I have to pay off credit cards. Bleh!

I am unable to get scholarships due to being on the low cost program, I need to start looking for Grants, waivers, or loans. It would be great if I get part of my debt forgiven from Devry. We will see once they start forgiving debts. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have some homes to go look at tonight to see if I would like to buy one. Probably not but whats the harm in looking, right. Never know. I just have to get out of my apartments, bad area, they treat their residents like crap, toilet sewage has been sitting out for 5 days now. Like, come on!


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