Superbowl Weekend!!

So over the weekend I had to take my dogs to the vet to get checked out. My bigger dog who is now 87 pounds got her nails clipped and she’s such a big baby that she let her anal glands loose on the people trimming her nails. haha.

My smaller dog who is almost 6 years old was the one who really needed to be checked out… First his spine, an x-ray  was done and came back to show he has a pinched nerve and he wont have any permanent damage; thank goodness. He was prescribed anti-inflammatory / pain medication. His ears, he has a ear infection that has put yeast build up in his ears so I will have to put medication in his ears for a few weeks. However, they are already starting to look so much better. His skin, he has been scratching at himself due to allergies and he has sores where he’s been itching. So now I have medicated shampoo to help his skin clear up, he has to have a bath twice a week now. His gums, he also had a gum infection from biting at himself and getting hair stuck in his teeth and gums. Antibiotics for that.  Both dogs got Vitamin E as well since she said it will help protect their skin and help heal any wounds or injuries. This will help Yoshi’s sore’s on his body he ended up getting from itching too much.

Man that vet visit tapped me out again. I can’t seem to catch a break with money. I need a hobby that can make me some extra cash. Bleh.

Sunday I went and hung out at my neighbors house and did some laundry, I think she enjoyed the company. I really like her. I ended up back at home and taking a nap before the Superbowl.

My mom invited me over to watch the game and have dinner. We all ended up at their house and all night I was hearing everyone talk their trash about my Pats but guess who pulled it out in the end. LOL.

I did not want to get up and go to work today. I feel bad again. I think its this weather still not knowing what it is wanting to do.

I have to enroll for classes today; class starts the 20th!

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