“Busy” but not…

Alright, so lately work has been keeping me so busy that when I get home for the day all I want to do is lay down with my dogs and have the night to myself.

Lately, my older dog Yoshi has been having issues walking and keeping stable with his back legs. He is already on two different kinds of medications for his seizures. One of the medications he is on can make his liver fail, and the other medication he is on says that he can start having hind end weakness and loss of coordination. Which seems to be happening right now. I need to see what all I can do for him. it makes me sad and scared to think about losing my best friend. Granted I have two dogs; he’s been my emotional support for the past 5 years. I have set up an appointment for him to be looked at over the weekend. Now if anything changes and he gets worse, I will have to call in sick to work one day..

Last weekend didn’t go as planned. Went to get a tattoo reworked and add some color, didn’t get home until like 2AM. Stayed up until about 4AM then went to bed. I did not do anything at all Saturday. My Fitbit sure did show me how lazy I was! 2,527 steps all day. HAHA. So Saturday was a wasted day because I literally did not get out of my pajamas at any point during the day. Sunday I ended up at my moms doing laundry, then stopping by my dads house because the presents I ordered (at the end of October) my little sisters for Christmas finally came in so I wanted to drop those off, also give my niece and nephew their Valentine’s day gifts.

I need a way to make extra cash from working at home; then maybe it could turn into a full time gig. I would do Lyft and Uber on the weekends but I don’t have a 4 door car! Ugh.

I have to register for classes on Feb. 4th, and hopefully get started not long after that. I’m excited to be starting school again, not only for the college credit I will get back on my tax return next year. 🙂 Which I should be getting my taxes back pretty soon. Gimmie my money!!!

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