Weekend and more.

So over the weekend my little brother got married. So Friday night I laid around the house because I knew that Saturday was going to be a long day.

Got ready Saturday morning and headed to Lewisville. The drive to the chapel alone was almost a hour. Ugh. I never want to go back to Lewisville again. Worse city EVER!

So the wedding was nicer than I thought it would be; they looked happy so I am happy for them.

My cousin and I have made plans to take a trip to Zero Gravity this weekend coming up. Zero Gravity is an adrenaline amusement park with 5 rides.

  • Bungee Jumping – A classic! You won’t forget this incredible 7-story drop.
  • Skycoaster – Feel the unforgettable sensation of gliding over 100 ft. off the ground.
  • Texas Blastoff – One of the fastest Dallas attractions. Rocket straight up at 70 mph. Currently closed for Maintenance!
  • Nothin’ but Net – Can you handle the 16-story free fall?  
  • Skyscraper – Hit four G’s in our newest sensation, voted one of the top things to do in Dallas.

I am so excited. I have been there once before and I loved it!

I told my mom that I thought that I was going through a Mid-Life Crisis because I’ve been thinking about jumping out of a plane and other fun things. lol. I am going to try to start doing new things over the summer. It should be fantastic.

I need to start looking again for a new home to get out of these apartments. After a little girl came to my door at 11:30PM and asked me if I lived alone and if she could come in kinda freaked me out. Luckily I have my dogs, but that wont stop someone with a gun.

Tattoo is healing well. I’m excited to start wearing shorts if the weather ever lets me!

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