Sunday FunDay

So today I woke up not wanting to get out of bed. I got up walked the dogs at 7am then decided to lay back down until around noon.

About noon I got up hung out with my dogs for a while then at 1:30p headed over to my dad’s house. 

When I got the my dad’s I decided to blow up my kayak since he had a pool. Why not see how it floats! So I did. 

It actually works very well. I can’t wait to start taking it out on the lake! I set it up and folded it back down. It takes some energy with the hand pump but maybe I can find something small that will help air it up because it says no to use a airr compressor. So you don’t over inflate. I will do some research later and see what pops up. 

After watching some of the game at dads, I left and stopped by my moms house for a little while, watched some of the game there, and grabbed some of their extra hangers. 

Tornado warning popped up and decided it was time to head home. I needed to be with my dogs.

Now we are laying around relaxing waiting to see what will actually happen.

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