January 14

So as always, my dogs finally end up waking me up early to take them out. Of course, I went back to bed for a few hours before I headed to my moms house to do some laundry. 

Eventually I end up packing up the car and headed over to my mom and step-dad’s house to do my laundry. They were kind enough to think about me while picking up breakfast at Chik-fil-a. Yum! 4 loads of laundry later and a sandwich from Jason’s Deli I was done. Saturdays are my favorite because I get to spend the day with my mom and step-dad. 

I wasn’t able to get to the animal shelter, I think I may be rethinking adopting another animal. I have 2 at the moment, and one on twice a day medication for seizures. Plus I’m not sure how my hyper 2 year old dog would act, treat, and if she would give her some space. 

Sunday I am heading over to my dad and step mom’s for the football game, dad will be grilling out and I am going to inflate my kayak and put it in the pool to see how it does on water. I’m hoping that the folding it up part and putting it in its carrting sack isn’t horrible.  Well will see.

After I leave dad’s house, I may stop back over at my mom’s house to pick up some extra hangers they have just lying around. I do have a lot of clothes that I don’t even wear. I am going to have to just set a date to get it over with. That is definitely not a spontaneous decision. 

I need to start my online student orientation. It’s graded or looked at. It’s not just an introduction. I even have to write small essays! For ORIENTATION!  I will probably start on it tomorrow night, I just suck at test taking. 

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