Can’t wait for my long weekend to start.

Today my kayak comes in I just cant test it out just yet until it starts warming up again. But Friday nights are always my lazy nights to get over my work day.

Saturday I will be heading to my moms house to do my laundry since my apartment doesn’t have space or hook ups for a washer/dryer. I am also supposed to head over to one of the Dallas animal shelters to check out a older cat that has been stuck there for 7 years! (Since she was a baby kitty) That makes me very sad. They told me that shes a little temperamental and will either like you or not. I hope she likes me, most cats do. We will see what happens!!

Sunday’s plans I have nothing. I may have to go shopping to finish up my outfit for my little brothers wedding that’s coming up sooner than later. 19 year olds….. geesh.

Monday, I am going to pick up my two little sisters and we are going to get me a tattoo. They are too young to partake by a year. lol. I actually cannot wait to show it off.

My college classes start soon, so I am very excited about that. I need to finish my orientation and my assessment class but they need to fine me one that works with my schedule since I am not driving an hour to school just for a test.

I hope I find actual plans for Sunday. Maybe I’ll take my sister and niece and nephew somewhere to hang out. We will see.

I will keep you posted. 😉


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